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Theta-U is riding the wave of three worldwide trends:

1.  The wave of interest in ancient and new methods for calming the mind
2.  The advances in brain wave monitoring technology
3.   The development of new methods for recording and aggregating streaming data from devices, and building systems and communities around this information .

The revolution in monitoring technology is occurring not just in brain wave measurement but in many different areas of physiological monitoring, as described in this recent New York Times article:

Theta-U is moving forward with partnerships with vendors at the forefront of new EEG monitoring techniques.   These vendors provide hardware in the form of lightweight headsets, and partnership programs allowing groups such as ours to develop software which will analyze data from the devices and add value to the vendor offering through new products and services.  Individuals will purchase “Theta-U Aware” devices (ether through the Theta-U marketplace or directly from the vendor) and then as part of membership in the Theta-U community, (group or individual) acquire a license to feed EEG data into the Theta-U servers . Through this path, individuals and groups will be able to monitor their own brain state as desired, as well as contribute to the measurement of the World Theta Index. The Theta-U system is designed to allow easy association of varying streams of data, so for-instance a person may wear a wrist heart monitor, which will also feed data into the Theta-U servers and allow creation of applications that use both streams of data.  This opens up a whole new world for research and new possibilities for understanding the mind-body connection. ———————